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How long?

Ugh...I'm never going to drink again.I got so damn drunk on Saturday night I puked all night and all day after,now I feel like crap.I honestly thought I was going to die yesterday,I couldn't get out of bed and everytime I did,I would have to stop in the hall or something and puke up my guts...literally,I didn't have anything in my system left to throw up.I'm just going to give up alcohol for a while,especially vodka.For atleast a month.I'm not drinking at Christmas formal now,but I might on New Years Eve...just a little.

Atleast I got to stay home from school today,I told my mom that I had the stomach bug,but she might've figure it out that I was hungover when I was in the den and she came in with a glass of red wine..I had to get up and run to the bathroom.

Well,on a happier note,only nine days of school left until Christmas Vacation.The Church play is on Sunday and I'm not ready for it. x.X I have a good part,though.Christmas formal is a week from Friday,that should be fun.I'm taking Charlie and Rachel's taking Andrew.And the day after Christmas is the skii trip wich is two weeks from Wednsday...dang,I remember when it was four months away.I got some really cute snow pants from The North Face.Can't wait to show them off! :)
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