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I'm so sad Panic's over.I had so so so much fun last night,I didn't want it to end. ;.; It was such a great experience both nights.I danced so much I can barely walk,my legs are so sore.I went with Addie and Hannah,and we spent the night at Addie's house.I was stoned. :B
Muaha,I saw Joseph and Jonathan,I used to like Jonathan but now I can't stand the kid because he is an ass,anyways,we were trying to get on the floor,and I didn't have a wristband,Addie and Hannah had theirs from the night before,and I was trying to beg the guy to let me on the floor,which didn't work.So I saw Jonathan eating and he told me to come over to him,so I asked him if they were on the floor and he said yeah...but he didn't have a wristband,and I told him they wouldn't let me on the floor.He goes "They let me on because I'm much more prettier than you,and they could tell I'm cooler too."So I rolled my eyes and walked away.Addie,so smart!Came up with the idea that she and Hannah go in and Addie gives Hannah her wristband once they're in,Hannah puts it in her pocket,comes out and gives it to me.It worked!!Ahh I was so happy!Well,when the show was over,I was waiting for my sister at the balcony stairs,and guess who I saw coming down the stairs,good ole Joseph and Jonathan.Muaha,I went up to Jonathan and said "So did ya'll get back on the floor." "No." "Well guess who did!" God it felt so good to rub it in his face! Muahaha! Okay,well,that's pretty much my story!
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