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Sneaky sneaky.

I never believed in love at first site until this past week,and it hit me harder than anything I have ever felt. Something that has made me feel so empty and so aggrivated. I got home last night from a week long retreit in the middle of the city where a whole group of people stayed in a building and during the day would go to houses in horrible shape to help rebuild them. When I got there on Sunday I was so sour and I really didn't want to be there,I just wanted to go out with my friends and enjoy my freedom,not be locked up in some gated building with no tv or any kind of technology. Sure I had a whole bunch of my friends there but I just wanted to leave.

Well,there was this guy I noticed that night,and the only word to describe him was beautiful. He had dark,curly hair and the most gorgeous hazle eyes. He looked just like that guy on Drive Me Crazy but like...twice as good. The thing is that he's 21,which is hmmm only a five year difference. Well,of course,I was too scared to speak to him,and he would always catch me just gawking at him,which was embarassing. I could feel a connection between us,though. I mean,he wasn't the usual hot guy that I would want to get on then leave to dry out,something about him was different. I know it's dumb and probably just infatuatuation,but when I got home last night I cried the hardest I had in a long time,the hardest ever over a guy.

Grrk..this blows. :/
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