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3 days!!

3 days until my birthday! Sweet 16. :)
Yesterday was the perfect day...I got the part in the Christmas play I wanted,I got to see Stephen,and my friends threw a surprise party for me!I got a biiiig Simba stuffed animal..I mean HUGE!And a kawaii scarf,some socks,the Harry Potter soundtrack,I saw that movie on Friday,it kicked ass!!!Ummm...that Disney Christmas movie with all of the characters,a perfume holder,a Harry Potter bookmark,>D,and Kathryn and Katie made me a big picture frame thing,it's really cute.I'm soo glad there's only two days of school this week.My birthday's Thursday and Panic is Friday and Saturday!!! :D
Oh!Guess what!I get to go to NYC this June and see TLK on Broadway!!!I can't wait!!The actual one on Broadway!!Weeeeeee!!!!
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