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[22 Apr 2009|12:54pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i wish people would quit drinking my god damn milk

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hola [05 Aug 2008|01:20pm]
I am posting this to inform everyone that I do not plan on deleting this account so stop asking me to! >/

- Magz
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'tani [28 Jun 2004|01:12am]
[ mood | creative ]

does anyone have any Vitani icons to scare? :x

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Teests. [11 Jan 2003|11:23am]
[ mood | bored ]

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Sango-chan! [08 Dec 2002|05:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

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UGH. [07 Nov 2002|10:16pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I am so fucking sick of this place. I am ready to get away,go to college,I don't care. If I could I would be happy just living alone. I'm not planning on getting married or having kids,I like to be by myself because people can be so annoying and all they do is BITCH!!!!!

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Wooaaah [28 Oct 2002|06:42am]
[ mood | flirty ]

Hey everyone! How is your life? Mine is good,and hopefully yours is as well. :)

I got my Halloween constume today,I am gonna be Hermione! ^^


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. [28 Aug 2002|11:19am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I don't think I've experinced such pain and heartbreak as I did last night. I don't see how someone can change so much in your eyes within minutes. But then again,I am a blind girl. I don't care for those who care for me the most,and I run to those who reject me. Why is it like that? I hurt people too much,and now I am paying for it. My heart is crushed,and I don't want it to be. I just want things to be the way they used to be.

The first person I ever loved,the first person I cared for so much it hurt slept with someone last night in the same house I was in. Boys are only put on this earth to hurt us...

"Never take it seriously. If you never take it seriously,you never get hurt. If you never get hurt,you always have fun."

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Sneaky sneaky. [12 Jun 2002|04:56pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I never believed in love at first site until this past week,and it hit me harder than anything I have ever felt. Something that has made me feel so empty and so aggrivated. I got home last night from a week long retreit in the middle of the city where a whole group of people stayed in a building and during the day would go to houses in horrible shape to help rebuild them. When I got there on Sunday I was so sour and I really didn't want to be there,I just wanted to go out with my friends and enjoy my freedom,not be locked up in some gated building with no tv or any kind of technology. Sure I had a whole bunch of my friends there but I just wanted to leave.

Well,there was this guy I noticed that night,and the only word to describe him was beautiful. He had dark,curly hair and the most gorgeous hazle eyes. He looked just like that guy on Drive Me Crazy but like...twice as good. The thing is that he's 21,which is hmmm only a five year difference. Well,of course,I was too scared to speak to him,and he would always catch me just gawking at him,which was embarassing. I could feel a connection between us,though. I mean,he wasn't the usual hot guy that I would want to get on then leave to dry out,something about him was different. I know it's dumb and probably just infatuatuation,but when I got home last night I cried the hardest I had in a long time,the hardest ever over a guy.

Grrk..this blows. :/

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GUYS SUCK [12 May 2002|12:06am]
[ mood | high ]

Damn guys sure do suck! But pot is good...very good. I'll explain later but,ERGH....SCREW CHARLES!

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[02 May 2002|02:03pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I've abandoned my board! My apologies please! :x

Alrighty.WELL,life's been busy....tommorow is my last day of school,woo! I have my english and spanish finals...gah.

You remember Phillip,hmm? Or as I call him,Phil. We're tight now,as in friends. He's a really cool guy and he's fun to chill with. We got really high the other weekend. xD I'll have a class with him next year and I'm sure we'll hang out over the summer,so who knows? Maybe we'll develop something.

As of now I'm interested in Charles...who has a girlfriend might I add.
We met at Katie's party bck in March and we just clicked. Well,we were drunk and we did hook up,but hey,that's besides the point. ^^; His relationship with his girlfriend is really bad,that I know. We hung out at music fest,which we were both SOBER at the time,thank you very much. He's just my type...he laughs with me and just ahs the same type of personality as me..not to mention he's cute. :D I ran into him a few times at italian fest on friday,and I'm all up in the clouds now...I mean,we just get along so good.

Alrighty,well I have to run away now since my mom jyst got hom and I'm suppost to be studying!

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Hello? [12 Jan 2002|02:21am]
[ mood | flirty ]

Well,actually I do..just don't want to write in it.

Okay well...to make people happy here are some rants...

did anyone know that Hugh Jackman is the hottest man alive?Yes,he is..he's my ideal man.Mmmm..I just watched Swordfish.Good movie,weird,but good.My luva looks good in it. >D And last night I saw Someone Like You...he looks good in that too.And I saw Kate and Leopold for the second time yesterday.Obsessed,no?I KNOW I AM SO LAY OFF!!

Okay..I'm a little crazy.You know,talking to myself and all...
BUUT..AK's party is tonigth and I am going to have fun with my little liquid friend tequila...so,bye!

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Booger [13 Dec 2001|03:44pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Ah,yes,today has been a nice day...I actually passed a Bio test!I did more than pass it,I made a 90!Yay! :D Ahhh...and this has been the best week of choir.Everyday chamber choir leaves during our class to go to wherever they are sining for the holidays and the guy I'm quite "attracted" to,Phillip,is in that choir <3.<3 .This whole week they have been in out class for like half the period and today they got to sing with us!I was soo frickin lovestruck...I can't wait until the Disney World trip,he'll be there. *.* Eww..it hurts to type.I had to go to the doctor yesterday and I got my finger pricked,*Shudder*,and now I have a bruise!I'm happie that I don't have alot of tests tommorow. :) And only 6 days of school left of the year!

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How long? [10 Dec 2001|01:05am]
[ mood | groggy ]

Ugh...I'm never going to drink again.I got so damn drunk on Saturday night I puked all night and all day after,now I feel like crap.I honestly thought I was going to die yesterday,I couldn't get out of bed and everytime I did,I would have to stop in the hall or something and puke up my guts...literally,I didn't have anything in my system left to throw up.I'm just going to give up alcohol for a while,especially vodka.For atleast a month.I'm not drinking at Christmas formal now,but I might on New Years Eve...just a little.

Atleast I got to stay home from school today,I told my mom that I had the stomach bug,but she might've figure it out that I was hungover when I was in the den and she came in with a glass of red wine..I had to get up and run to the bathroom.

Well,on a happier note,only nine days of school left until Christmas Vacation.The Church play is on Sunday and I'm not ready for it. x.X I have a good part,though.Christmas formal is a week from Friday,that should be fun.I'm taking Charlie and Rachel's taking Andrew.And the day after Christmas is the skii trip wich is two weeks from Wednsday...dang,I remember when it was four months away.I got some really cute snow pants from The North Face.Can't wait to show them off! :)

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Grah. [03 Dec 2001|08:19am]
[ mood | sick ]

I stayed home from school today...damn cramps.I gotta go tommorow and I still feel sick.Bleh...I asked Charlie to Christmas formal last night,he said yes.So I got my dress and my date.Hmmm....now all I need is the alcohol. :B Only three more weeks of school until winter break and the skii trip!!!!!!!!! :D

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Grah. [03 Dec 2001|08:19am]
[ mood | sick ]

I stayed home from school today...damn cramps.I gotta go tommorow and I still feel sick.Bleh...I asked Charlie to Christmas formal last night,he said yes.So I got my dress and my date.Hmmm....now all I need is the alcohol. :B Only three more weeks of school until winter break and the skii trip!!!!!!!!! :D

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:( [25 Nov 2001|04:50am]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm so sad Panic's over.I had so so so much fun last night,I didn't want it to end. ;.; It was such a great experience both nights.I danced so much I can barely walk,my legs are so sore.I went with Addie and Hannah,and we spent the night at Addie's house.I was stoned. :B
Muaha,I saw Joseph and Jonathan,I used to like Jonathan but now I can't stand the kid because he is an ass,anyways,we were trying to get on the floor,and I didn't have a wristband,Addie and Hannah had theirs from the night before,and I was trying to beg the guy to let me on the floor,which didn't work.So I saw Jonathan eating and he told me to come over to him,so I asked him if they were on the floor and he said yeah...but he didn't have a wristband,and I told him they wouldn't let me on the floor.He goes "They let me on because I'm much more prettier than you,and they could tell I'm cooler too."So I rolled my eyes and walked away.Addie,so smart!Came up with the idea that she and Hannah go in and Addie gives Hannah her wristband once they're in,Hannah puts it in her pocket,comes out and gives it to me.It worked!!Ahh I was so happy!Well,when the show was over,I was waiting for my sister at the balcony stairs,and guess who I saw coming down the stairs,good ole Joseph and Jonathan.Muaha,I went up to Jonathan and said "So did ya'll get back on the floor." "No." "Well guess who did!" God it felt so good to rub it in his face! Muahaha! Okay,well,that's pretty much my story!

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Sore. [24 Nov 2001|03:50am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I went to see Widespread Panic,and omg,it was great.It was my second time to see them,but I wasn't much of a fan the first time,so I had a much better experience this time..they played All Time Low wich,literally,made my life!Muaha,I was a little tipsy when I got there,we went to Earl's before and I had I think it was..3 screwdrivers,and four beers.I just talked to Hannah and she said I came up and jumped on everyone and was like "WE'RE TOGETHER!" And then I went up to Hunter,my old crush,and was like "HUNTER!HUNTER!YOU GOTTA DANCE!" I don't remember being so crazy,but I always am so I might not've noticed it.I got kissed by three guys last night...one a total stranger.I almost made out with Jonathan Cooper,but I had to control myself since I hate the kid.
I'm going to their second show tonight with Addie and Hannah and I can't wait!!!Bweeee!!!

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3 days!! [19 Nov 2001|03:19am]
[ mood | loved ]

3 days until my birthday! Sweet 16. :)
Yesterday was the perfect day...I got the part in the Christmas play I wanted,I got to see Stephen,and my friends threw a surprise party for me!I got a biiiig Simba stuffed animal..I mean HUGE!And a kawaii scarf,some socks,the Harry Potter soundtrack,I saw that movie on Friday,it kicked ass!!!Ummm...that Disney Christmas movie with all of the characters,a perfume holder,a Harry Potter bookmark,>D,and Kathryn and Katie made me a big picture frame thing,it's really cute.I'm soo glad there's only two days of school this week.My birthday's Thursday and Panic is Friday and Saturday!!! :D
Oh!Guess what!I get to go to NYC this June and see TLK on Broadway!!!I can't wait!!The actual one on Broadway!!Weeeeeee!!!!

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Aaaaa... [07 Nov 2001|05:39am]
[ mood | excited ]

I can't wait!!!Widespread Panic is in two weeks!! ::Bounces up and down::I can't wait I can't wait!!I've been to one of their shows and I had an ok time cause I wasn't a big fan then.Gawrsh,it's been a while since I've written?Sorry! :D

My Birthday's in two weeks also,yup,sweet 16!On Thanksgiving,so everyone will be giving thanks for meee!!! ^^
Laa laa laa...anyways....I'm really sick of school,I want to sleep some more!Sleeep and no school!No annoying people trying so hard to be what is considered 'cool.'

Hmmm...I went to the Jazz Mandaolin Project last weekend...the drummer from Phish is in it and it was awesome!I was hiiigh too. :B I like getting high,don't you?It is better thn alcohol cause you don't get sick.
::Notices some of the stares...::
Yea,well I do that,so if you don't like it than...too bad.I don't care what you say,it isn't as bad as you think.

Weeee!Guess what?
I'm going to Disney World again this spring!With choir,so Phillip's gonna be there! :P
I'm really glad we're goin' to Disney World,cause first we were going to Disneyland..which isn't half as good(or big)as Disney World,mind you,I've been to both.I'm just not going on that Dinosaur ride again....scared the shit out of me.

Okay...until next time,bye!

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